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"There is no national consensus on GMOs: we maintain the
Right to say No to GMOs in our food and agri-culture"

ZAAB communique adopted at the 5th December 2020 Annual General Meeting,  Blue Crest Lodge, Lusaka

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ATT: Representatives of the people of Zambia to the Convention of Biological Diversity-14/11/2018

  Dear representatives of the people of Zambia to the Convention of Biological Diversity, We wish you well in your travels to Egypt and the critical negotiations you will undertake on behalf of the citizens of Zambia. We understand the nature of the discussions at this year’s CBD COP will be highly controversial and critical in determining the future course of humanity’s use and manipulation of genetic resources – and in turn –  the impact of nature on humanity. Of particular concern to us, are […]

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Zambia’s Position on GMOs and the Revised Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy of 2003 March 2018-7/03/2018

Zambia must continue to uphold the highest biosafety standards Zambia’s approach to biosafety since the development of the Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy of 2003 has been cautious and aimed at ensuring high standards of human, environmental and socio-economic well-being. We are alarmed that the biotech industry is eroding this approach in favour of promoting and protecting the interests of that industry. We reject this shift. Key concerns in the revised policy include: Abandoning the precautionary principle in favour of creating incentives for innovation for industry. […]

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Welcome to the new ZAAB website!

We have walked a celebrated journey together to come to this point today. Seven years ago, four organisations and concerned individuals came together in common concern: the weakening of the Zambian biosafety legislation and an equitable food and agriculture future for all in Zambia. From our 2010 roots in a common advocacy voice, the civil society alliance has grown in membership and scope of work. Today the ZAAB network has 16 organisational members, local and regional associates and a broad individual membership base. The launch […]

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