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"There is no national consensus on GMOs: we maintain the
Right to say No to GMOs in our food and agri-culture"

ZAAB communique adopted at the 5th December 2020 Annual General Meeting,  Blue Crest Lodge, Lusaka

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Securing equitable farmer support and the transition from the Farm Input Subsidy Programme in Zambia

We are pleased to share with you this discussion paper, co-published by the African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) and the Zambia Alliance for Agroecology and Biodiversity (ZAAB). In Zambia, as in many other African countries, decisions related to food production and consumption increasingly lie outside the control of those responsible and accountable for food and nutrition security at both household and national level. Farmer support is almost entirely directed at subsidising smallholder uptake of Green Revolution (GR) technologies, which is based on the flawed claim that if farmers can access […]

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PRESS RELEASE, 07/03/2019

PRESS RELEASE, 07/03/2019 There is public outcry over news that the ban on GMO food in Zambia has been lifted. Questions were raised as to “whether the ban on the importation of Genetically Modified Organisms food stuffs (GMOs) is still in effect” in The National Assembly on 27 February 2019. According to the National Biosafety Authority (NBA), by presence of the Biosafety Act 2010, imported food containing processed products of GM crops, are allowed into Zambia, as long as they go through a strict application […]

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Ongoing national concerns; consuming GMOs without consultation and changing policy spaces

PRESS RELEASE, 27/02/2019 The ZAAB has been engaging with the NBA and governing ministry regarding GMOs since 2010. Major concerns at the time were: unregulated and unlabeled imported food containing GMOs; the lack of institutional capacity and funding to adequately address the wide range of issues and challenges related to modern biotechnology use; and the increasing foreign lobby push for Zambia to change its non-GMO position. The NBA have worked hard to better regulate imported processed foods containing GMOs and enhance public communication. Given the […]

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Joint CSO statement on the weakening of Zambia’s bio-safety standards-11/01/2019

ATT: P.S Ministry of Higher Education Maxwell house, Los Angeles Boulevard P.O Box 50464, Lusaka, Zambia C.C: P.S. Ministry of Agriculture P.S Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries P.S Ministry of Justice P.S Ministry of Commerce P.S Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Honorable Members of Parliament House of Chiefs Dear Sir / Madam,  Zambia Must Continue To Uphold The Highest Biosafety Standards  Zambia’s approach to the use Modern Biotechnology[1] and the use of genetic engineering in the food and agriculture system has rested on the […]

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