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"There is no national consensus on GMOs: we maintain the
Right to say No to GMOs in our food and agri-culture"

ZAAB communique adopted at the 5th December 2020 Annual General Meeting,  Blue Crest Lodge, Lusaka

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Ongoing national concerns; consuming GMOs without consultation and changing policy spaces

PRESS RELEASE, 27/02/2019 The ZAAB has been engaging with the NBA and governing ministry regarding GMOs since 2010. Major concerns at the time were: unregulated and unlabeled imported food containing GMOs; the lack of institutional capacity and funding to adequately address the wide range of issues and challenges related to modern biotechnology use; and the increasing foreign lobby push for Zambia to change its non-GMO position. The NBA have worked hard to better regulate imported processed foods containing GMOs and enhance public communication. Given the […]

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Joint CSO statement on the weakening of Zambia’s bio-safety standards-11/01/2019

ATT: P.S Ministry of Higher Education Maxwell house, Los Angeles Boulevard P.O Box 50464, Lusaka, Zambia C.C: P.S. Ministry of Agriculture P.S Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries P.S Ministry of Justice P.S Ministry of Commerce P.S Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Honorable Members of Parliament House of Chiefs Dear Sir / Madam,  Zambia Must Continue To Uphold The Highest Biosafety Standards  Zambia’s approach to the use Modern Biotechnology[1] and the use of genetic engineering in the food and agriculture system has rested on the […]

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Zambia supports the global call for a moratorium on Gene Drive releases- Press Release 15/11/2018

The citizens of Zambia, have repeatedly stated their absolute objection to Modern Biotechnology and the production of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Today, this position is reiterated as we support the global call for a moratorium on Gene Drive releases, including applied research such as open field trial releases, until there is further understanding of the potential risks and technical issues. We request our National Representatives to do the same at the upcoming 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on […]

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ATT: Representatives of the people of Zambia to the Convention of Biological Diversity-14/11/2018

  Dear representatives of the people of Zambia to the Convention of Biological Diversity, We wish you well in your travels to Egypt and the critical negotiations you will undertake on behalf of the citizens of Zambia. We understand the nature of the discussions at this year’s CBD COP will be highly controversial and critical in determining the future course of humanity’s use and manipulation of genetic resources – and in turn –  the impact of nature on humanity. Of particular concern to us, are […]

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